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to open up this post, I urge you to protest, unlike, defriend etc. Twisted Dreamscapes Productions, and it’s owner/operator, Phillip D Yarbrough. If you believe cosplaying is for everybody, and that anybody can cosplay whomever they want, for any reason they choose, do not assciate yourself with him.

so…I’m nearly speechless. I’m sorry if this story gets told badly, but I really just can’t think of anything else to say.

I guess this is what you get for defending cosplayers from elitists.

Phillip D Yarbrough is a grown man, with kids, and a business called Twisted Dreamscapes Productions. He appears often at small southern texas conventions, and makes cosplays for him and his friends. He runs haunted houses, signature cosplays the Joker, and he is one hell of an Elitist asshole.

it started out that he made a facebook post asking people to comment and say who they think are the most over cosplayed characters, because he was going to make a top 25 list.

I found that to be wrong, I do stand by my opinion that anybody can cosplay any character, and they can do that however they want. My name is Ellenor, and I run the Nothing to Prove project. As you can see, I commented on his post, (in my opinion) calmly urging him not to make that list, because it’s elitist, and it hurts the cosplayers, and the cosplay community.

I then get into an argument with a girl named Haley, which is honestly, un important. She didn’t really have much to do with this, besides just being a blitch. but whatever.

After I stated that I was leaving the conversation, and even unfollowed the post, I saw on my news feed that Phil had commented in reply to my previous post. He used curse words, he was rude, he ranted towards me, personally victimized me (i guess like Regina George ha), said stuff like “boo fucking hoo I don’t give a shit about you I don’t give a shit about you or your work etc” you get the point, it’s right there.

He goes on to criticize people who buy their cosplays, or closet cosplays, and people who alter their cosplays, even. He believes that if you don’t make your cosplays yourself from scratch, you shouldn’t cosplay at all.

He also randomly brings up Heros of Cosplay (not sure why) and he points out that they only showcase people who “show off their ass and tits.) 2 things on that one, for one, I watched Heros of Cosplay, and NONE of the cosplays showcased were revealing for one thing, and another thing, if they were, that doesn’t make those cosplayers worse or less of cosplayers?? 

Phil’s group has a history of rejecting cosplayers from their group because they didn’t make their cosplay. I met this cosplayer at San Japan, and they will remain nameless, because of obvious reasons.

Sydney, one of my friends who also commented on this (i covered her last name in pink.) said in a personal text message to me “I hate that he and his group go around looking down on people’s costumes. Especially when he said women should cover up? A lot of work goes into bunny suits or just revealing costumes in general. Plus not everyone is good at hand making their costumes either, so of course they’re gonna buy it. It is elitist, and not very nice at all.”

I agree with this completely. She also stated

"I’d understand where he’s coming from if it were a competition for accuracy and craftsmanship, but it’s a convention, a place where people with similar interests come together and share their views. To show off their inner nerd. Not to judge others based on a bar that’s ridiculously high."

I couldn’t say it better myself. 

After I had left the conversation, he commented on the status telling people to ignore what I say, and that I’m just trying to make it personal.

what? I’m defending the entire cosplay community because they deserve some respect, not because I’m butt hurt. 

Other things about Phil, he’s an unstable person, and dangerous. He’s been known to self harm and harass/stalk people (I’m speaking about one experience I’ve heard about, she will remain nameless.)

this man should not represent any part of the cosplay community. He has nothing good to say about most of the cosplay community, and sets himself on a pedestal because he makes all his costumes himself. That doesn’t make you better than anybody else, Phil. That doesn’t give you the right to tell who can and cannot be considered a good cosplayer, nor does it give you the right to scream at people who have a different opinion than you.

I’m genuinely scared of this man, because he’s from the same town as me, knows my friends and my last name. He knows what conventions I go to, and what I cosplay. He’s a scary guy. He’s a GROWN FUCKING MAN and he’s screaming and cursing at a 19 year old. I’m young, I still need to learn when to bite my tongue, and i even said that in his post.

Please, boycott his company, and I urge you to stay away from him. Do this if you believe that we have nothing to prove to him, nor do we have anything to prove to anybody else.